Representative Cases

New Construction / Remodeling Issues

Representative Result #1

Capsule Summary:
Molosky & Co. negotiates cancellation of our client’s purchase/construction agreement with builder/developer for a custom-built new home.

Expanded Description:
Our client entered into a purchase agreement with a builder/developer to purchase a newly constructed home in a sub-division/development in Metro Detroit. Just prior to our client obtaining the certificate of occupancy for the home and paying the balance of the purchase price, he questioned the quality of the home’s construction and many of the “a la carte” upgrades which he elected. The builder/developer was unwilling to address any of our client’s concerns, instead accusing of him of having “buyer’s remorse.” Within 3 weeks of intervening in this dispute, Molosky & Co. assisted our client secure the cancellation of the purchase/construction agreement for this custom home, plus the return our client’s $25,000.00 down payment. Remarkably, our client walked away from the deal paying the builder/developer just $1,000.00 towards a several hundred thousand dollar purchase/construction agreement.

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